XclusionPro FAD

Foundation Access Doors

The Problem

Foundation access doors are a way to provide entry for your crawlspace for plumbing and heating maintenance or storage.  Many of the doors are made of wood that eventually rot and look substandard or down-right bad.  Once they are rotted, this area on your home can become an easy entry point for raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more.

The Solution

XclusionPro Foundation Access Doors come in three sizes and colors to fit any job.  They are durable and long lasting, making them ideal for protecting your crawlspace for any damages that come along with critters making themselves at home.

XclusionPro FAD Protects Against:

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How is XclusionPro FAD made?


Heavy Duty Steel

We start with heavy duty steel that is powder-coated for longevity .

Many Sizes & Colors

Available in small, medium, and large sizes and black, brown, and gray color.

Two-Piece Design

Our two-piece design to protects the foundation from damage.

Proudly Made in America

We love this great country and are proud to build every aspect of our products in the USA.

Do you need XclusionPro FAD?

The XclusionPro FAD take the hassle out of replacing rotted wooden foundation doors. Here are some signs that you may need an FAD installed:



Smears of dirt on or under your home from animals.


Scratching, squeaking, or growling can be indicators of a critter in your crawlspace.

Nesting Materials

Look for nesting materials near vents or in crawlspace 

Signs You Might Need XclusionPro FAD

Dirt Smear

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you enter your crawlspace with an XclusionPro<span class=
The XclusionPro Foundation Access Doors are a 2-piece design. The frame is installed with cement screws and stay permanently. Once the frame is installed the cover goes over it and is secured with detent pins. All you have to do is remove the detent pins and the cover when you need access to your crawlspace.
2Do XclusionPro® Foundation Access Doors require sealant around the frame to keep animals out?
The XclusionPro Foundation Access Doors do not require any sealant if the frame is tight to the foundation. If it is an uneven foundation, such as fieldstone, and has gaps large enough for a mouse to enter, some sealant may be required.

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