Skunks in your house?

Skunks are cute, but man are they stinky! While these striped critters don’t have the best eyesight, they have a keen sense of smell. Hungry skunks will sniff out and rummage through trash, eat from your garden, and even dig up your yard to find some grubs to snack on. They are opportunists and will take advantage of any food or shelter they can find. They will make homes under decks or in unoccupied borrows from other animals. They may even find their way into your home’s crawlspace. Once a skunk has made its home in or near YOUR home, their defense system makes it difficult to remove them without getting covered in their sulfuric musk.  

How do you know if you have a skunk problem?

If you suspect that you have a skunk or two are living near, here are some things to look for:

  • Shallow cone shaped holes in yard - A skunk will dig small holes in your turf to find grubs to eat.
  • Tell-tale skunk smell - While most of the time skunks must purposefully spray to the full defense effect, sometimes they may let some of the stink out by accident, leaving your home or yard smelling “not so fresh”.
  • Large holes under decks or out buildings - If a skunk can’t find an easy place to take up residence, it will dig a den under decks, sheds, outbuildings, or concrete foundations.

 How to get rid of skunks in your yard or crawlspace?

There are some preventive measures you can take to prevent skunks from finding your yard appealing, such as keeping tight lids on trash bins and treating your yard for grubs. However, if you have tried these things and are still having an issue with Pepe Le Pew, we suggest getting in contact with a wildlife removal company. We have a number of qualified companies that we can refer you to for help. However, a simple internet search will work too.

These companies are licensed and trained to take care of these situations. They will trap and remove the animal safely and come up with a plan to prevent a future problem.

How does AAC Distributing help?

You might be wondering what this has to do with our company. Well, at AAC Distributing, LLC we manufacture premium exclusion products. This is just a fancy way for us to say, we make really good products to secure your home against unwanted critter entry and they work for a really long time.

We offer several products to help deter skunks from burrowing under outbuildings and decks or prevent them from entering your crawlspace. XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guard are our galvannealed steel vent covers that are commonly and effectively used for protecting against a skunk’s entry into a crawlspace. We also offer the XclusionPro Louvered Vent Guard, which can be used for a deck barrier material to keep the critters from digging under decks and sheds. These products can be installed as a preventative measure or after a problem has been discovered.

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