Snakes in your house?

Snake sightings can certainly cause worry for some folks. However, a snake sighting inside your home takes that fear to a whole new level.  Snakes can enter the home through some pretty tight spaces due to their long flexible bodies and they can find their way in through varied avenues. Snakes are great climbers and will climb on to the roof to enter your home through small gaps, the ridge vent, or any other vent openings. They can also enter through construction gaps, vinyl siding corner posts, or gaps around your doors. They are generally just looking for a place to rest that is a comfortable temperature for their cold-blooded bodies. Moving from the outdoors to the indoors is usually something that occurs in the transition between summer and fall. They may move in for warmth but will stay for other reasons. Snakes have a strong sense of smell and will follow the scent of mice, shrews, voles, and rats into a home and use them as their food source. They may also hang out for nesting reasons.  If you ever encounter a snake nest, its best to leave it be and call a professional. Snakes can become very protective and aggressive if you approach their nests. 

How do you know if you have snakes in your home?

If you suspect that you have snakes in your home, here are some things to look for:

  • Snake skins in attic – Molted skins are a pretty good sign you’ve got a snake in your home. You may find them in your attic or in other areas of the home as well.
  • Odd noises in dark places – You may hear insulation paper crinkling as the snake slithers across or a sandpaper like noise as it moves across floors.
  • Odor – Some snakes release a liquid musk that has a very distinct smell.

How to get a snake out of your home?

If you have discovered a snake or snakes in your home, the most effective way to remove them is to call a professional Wildlife Control Operator who is trained and licensed for this type of work. Most snakes that enter your home will not be venomous, but that may not always be the case. We have a number of qualified companies that we can refer you to for help. However, a simple internet search will work too. Once you’ve decided which wildlife removal company to hire, they will begin the process of removing the problem. This could be relocating a nest or setting up a rodent prevention plan to remove the snake’s food source. It will, also, most certainly include sealing up any entry points to keep snakes out.

How does AAC Distributing help?

You might be wondering what this has to do with our company. Well, at AAC Distributing, LLC we manufacture premium exclusion products. This is just a fancy way for us to say, we make really good products to secure your home against unwanted critter entry and they work for a really long time.

As we mentioned earlier, your roof ridge vent can be a major vulnerable spot for your home. We manufacture a product called RIDGE-GUARD to protect your ridge vent. RIDGE-GUARD is the ultimate ridge vent protection and is patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office. We also offer XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guard to keep critters out of your foundation vents, Kritter Cap PRO to keep them from slithering up your corner posts, and XclusionPro Super Sealant to fill any gaps. We’ve got you covered on all levels!

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