XclusionPro XL

Power Fan Vent Guard

The Problem

Powered fan vents are used to cool your attic. The power fan pulls fresh air in through the soffit vents and moves the hot attic air out through the vent on the roof. This roof vent is vulnerable to critter entry.  Once inside, wildlife can cause expensive damage to your home.

The Solution

XclusionPro XL Power Fan Vent Guards are used to cover the roof vent protecting against wildlife entry. These roof guards can keep out animals such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and more.  They are an easy way to keep your home safe from unwanted wildlife and protect your wallet from the cost of damages that they would bring.

XclusionPro XL Protects Against:

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What You Need to Know

The XclusionPro XL is the big brother to our original XclusionPro Roof Vent Guard, ensuring strength and quality of the product. These covers are designed to prevent animal entry at large power fan vents.


Solid Construction

This cover is 30″x30″x11.5″ and is constructed out of a single piece of durable 20-gauge galvannealed expanded steel.

Easy Installation

A solid design that allows for the inner frame to be easily mounted to the foundation.

Entry Prevention

The XclusionPro XL prevents animal entry at large power fan vents.

Durable Fasteners

The XL vent cover comes with all the fasteners you need.

Signs You Might Need XclusionPro XL

Damage to Vent
Animal Droppings
Missing Shingles
Noises in Attic

Frequently Asked Questions

1How will XclusionPro XL Power Fan Vent Guards affect the airflow of my power attic fan?
All of our products are designed to provide sufficient airflow for proper ventilation to your home.
2How long do the XclusionPro XL Power Fan Vent Guards last?
Our products are made to withstand the elements and the test of time. If installed correctly, they should last the life of the roof. If you have any trouble with product failure, please make sure to contact your installer.

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