XclusionPro XP

Static Roof Vent Guard

The Problem

Static roof vents are used to keep homes from getting too hot or damp.  They use convection heat transfer to do so.  Convection heat transfer is just a fancy way to say that natural air flow pulls the heat from your home.  However, static roof vents can leave your attic vulnerable to critter entry.  Once inside, wildlife can cause expensive damage to your home.

The Solution

XclusionPro XP Roof Vent Guards are used on standard static & box roof vents to protect against wildlife entry. These roof guards can keep out animals such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and more. They are an easy way to keep your home safe from unwanted wildlife and protect your wallet from the cost of damage that it would bring.

XclusionPro XP Protects Against:

What You Need to Know

With their unmatched durability and strength, along with their ability to exclude a wide variety of animals & insects, the XclusionPro XP Roof Vent Guards are the leading roof vent guards in the industry.


Solid Construction

Each cover is made using powder coated 20 gauge galvannealed expanded steel. This is perfect for durability, corrosion resistance, and proper ventilation.

Perfectly Sized

Each vent cover is 16" x 16" x 5 1/2", which is compatible with most standard static roof vents.

Professional Finish

Our roof vent covers are designed to blend into the roof. So, while they are not invisible, they should not be obvious from the ground.

Signs You Might Need XclusionPro XP

Damage to Vent
Animal Droppings
Missing Shingles
Noises in Attic

Protect Your Roof Vents from Pest Entry with XclusionPro XP

Prevent wildlife and other pests from getting into your home. Check out the video below to see how.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the difference between galvannealed steel and galvanized steel?
Galvannealed steel goes through an extra “baking” process the diffuses the zinc all the way through the metal instead of just on the surface layer. The process ensures that it is more corrosion resistant and helps the powder-coating to adhere much better. All of this together supports the longevity of the product.
2Can a static roof vent be called by any other name?
A static roof vent and a box roof vent are used for the same purpose. The XclusionPro XP can be used for both types of vents.

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